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I have been in the Information Technology field since 1993 where I worked as tech support and customer service at a small ISP. My role the grew into managing all systems from basic authentication and DNS services to complex mail routing and virtual services.

I moved from there to a larger role within the Education industry doing at first web systems then eventually senior administrator managing all services and infrastructure. 

These roles have given them From design to implementation and maintenance with changes through the entire life cycle of your site I can assist your company with its web and E-Commerce presence, Google domain, or hosting services. If you are local, or long distance I can help you out.

My primary focus is on Red Hat Linux (and derivatives), with websites built under WordPress or templated PHP driven systems, and E-Commerce using the Shopify web platform or WordPress/Woocommerce and Lightspeed for Point of Sale.

All work can be completed either on site or remotely and I can fully support FedoraCentOS, and Red Hat Linux.


Let me know what you need and I’ll get you a quote!