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These are all services that I have in depth experience working with, if there is another service that you need I can either provide it for you or refer you to someone who can provide that service for you.

Shopify Deployment and Maintenance: Shopify is an extreamly powerful E-Commerce platform which has a template mechanism and thousands of plugins and it has the availability of an integrated POS system. Plugins available include those for automatically calculated shipping, marketing, up sell, and custom modules. I can prototype your environment prior to putting your site live so that you can see what is going live prior to it happening. With Shopify, you can also offer gift cards, take credit card payments, manage register shifts (with Shopify POS) and more!

AWS Management: Amazon Web Services is a generic name given to a group of internet based services and support services offered by AWS, a subsiduary of Amazon. Whatever you need in the way of services, AWS can host them and make scaling into a larger service so easy. WIth the Amazon host of Elastic services we can scale your website from hundereds to millions of transactions per day.

E-Commerce websites: Stand alone E-Commerce using WordPress and Woocommerce creates a seamless and 

Domain Registration, E-Mail, and Web Hosting: Through our website http://shop.bourneitc.ca I offer domain registration, DNS hosting, IP management, email hosting, website hosting and a host of other services.

Google Domain Services: For business or personal use, the Google Suite of services offers everything you need in business connectivity and productivity. With data sharing, office applications, calendering, E-Mail, Video communications, and group communications plus archival services for complience this is an all in one business productivity suite that knows no borders.

Linux/UNIX Support Services: Hosting your own internal applications or database services? Look no further for support then BourneITC. I can remotely manage all of your services from authentication and internally hosted web services to basic internal and internet services such as DNS, SMTP, Proxy, and DHCP. 

Infrastructure Services: Whether you need to decide on a new UPS and air handling system, design fibre or copper infrastructure, or implement a new internal support system I can provide the back ground you need in order to make the right decisions for your organization.

Lightspeed POS Implementation and Maintenance: Lightspeed is a Point of Sale system which works incredibly well for retail business and resturants. For retail you can manage inventory, multiple registers, multiple stores, your client base (built in CRM) and central ordering/distribution.  

Troubleshooting and Support: Onsite or remote, I can assist in your troubleshooting and support issues by gathering information then acting on your behalf to discuss options with your vendors.

If something isn’t listed that you need, please contact me! I’m more than willing to let you know if I can help and if I can, I’ll help you find someone who can!